Setting Up Managers in TimeSimplicity

The Manager Rules tab for an employee enables access to managerial functions in TimeSimplicity in addition to their employee role. For accounts integrated with TimeWorksPlus, supervisor and manager roles need to be assigned in TimeSimplicity using the following steps. The integration does not setup a manager or supervisor with a managerial role.

Setting Up an Employee as a Manager

The employee record in TimeSimplicity has a Manager Rules tab located by selecting the Rules tab. To be a manager, Manages/Schedules Others needs to be enabled.

Clicking Role will toggle
between Manager and Employee

Once that is done, the employee will be able to switch between Employee and Manager mode through a toggle near the top right of the system. (see image)

Manages / Schedules Others

  1. From the Employee menu, select Employee to view the employee list.
  2. Click the name of the employee you want to designate as a manager. For TimeWorksPlus integrated accounts, choose the employee that has "-SUPER" appended to their last name. These will usually be near the end of the employee list.
  3. Select the Rules tab on the employee setup page.
  4. Select Manager Rules
  5. Check Manages/Schedules Others and the tab will display configuration options for the manager.

Manager Rules tab is found in the Rules tab of the employee record.

Manager / Scheduler Role

Each manager needs an assigned Role.
Once the Manages/Schedules Others option is checked, select a role from the dropdown titled Manager/Scheduler Roles.
The Roles are defined sets of permissions that are setup in the System / Roles menu. More on Roles can be found in Manager Roles in TimeSimplicity.
The [DEFAULT] role will be assign the employee whatever Role is designated as "Default" in the Roles setup page.

Manage / Schedule Workgroups

Managers select their assigned
Workgroups in the Scheduler
Designating the manager's Workgroups is the last piece in setting up a manager. Also found in the Manager Rules tab of the employee record, Manage / Schedule Workgroups dictates which Workgroups the manager can select when using the Scheduler (see right).
  1. Click the Add button in the Manager Rules tab of the employee's Rules tab.
  2. Select a Workgroup from the list and click Add. Repeat if the manager needs to oversee multiple Workgroups.*
  3. Click the Save button in the top left of the page.
*[Full Access] can be used to give the manager access to all Workgroups.

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