TimeSimplicity Accreditation

TimeSimplicity's advanced functionality provides a robust, automated, and integrated scheduling system for your clients. However, only accredited partners have the ability to add TimeSimplicity accounts. The TimeSimplicity Accreditation Program is designed to educate you on the implementation and use of TimeSimplicity while also ensuring a positive experience for your clients.

As an alternative to getting accredited, you can also employ our Professional Services Department to implement your TimeSimplicity Accounts. A form to request their services can be found here: http://forms.swipeclock.info/professional-services-request/

To get accredited:

  1. Reach out to your Channel Development Manager. Your CDM will be able to provide a more thorough explanation of the features and functionality in TimeSimplicity as well as explain the difference in pricing. If you are unsure of who your CDM is, email cdm@swipeclock.com.
  2. Enroll in the TimeSimplicity Learning Path in SOLR. SOLR is our SwipeClock Online Learning Resource and can be found at https://swipeclock.paradisolms.net. If you do not have credentials to access to SOLR, you can request them from your Channel Development Manager or email solr@swipeclock.com. Once you have completed the 7 courses related to TimeSimplicity, please let your Channel Development Manager know and they will help you with the next step.

    On the SOLR home page, you can enroll in the TimeSimplicity Accreditation LP

    Once enrolled, you can step through the TS courses on your LP Dashboard
  3. Sit in on two implementations preformed by SwipeClock's Professional Services. This gives you first-hand experience on a live implementation with our experienced ProServ staff. Each SwipeClock reseller is eligible for two free implementations upon completion of the SOLR courses.
  4. Get the "Advanced Scheduling" permission for your login. Once you are comfortable with TimeSimplicity, let your Channel Development Manager know you would like the ability to create TimeSimplicity accounts. Before you can "flip the switch" on TimeSimplicity, we need to enable a permission for your login. Once that is done, you can setup TimeSimplicity accounts.

    TimeSimplcity is enabled with Advanced Scheduling in Client Configuration

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