Drop Shift Rules

Dropping and picking up shifts is a feature of TimeSimplicity that allows an employee to make their scheduled shift available to other, eligible employees. This is done in the TimeSimplicity Employee Portal and will always require manager approval. This article explains some of the rules that can be enforced with this process.

A video demonstrating this feature can be found at VIDEO: Dropped Shifts.

Enabling Shift Drop and Pick Up Shift

The ability for an employee to drop and pickup a shift is a privilege that can be enabled. In the Employee Roles, the Shift Drop and Pick Up Shift are the two permissions that must be enabled for this process.
Since there can be multiple Employee Roles in TimeSimplicity, it is possible to have this enabled for some employees. See Employee Roles for more information.

Configuring Drop Shift Rules

In addition to enabling the feature for the employee role, you can add additional rules for how employees can drop and pickup shifts in the Employee Portal Features.
In TimeSimplicity, select Company Rules > Employee Portal Features and choose the Employee Portal rule you want to configure. You may only have one rule listed, but in TimeSimplicity, you can have multiple Portal rules, so it is possible to have different rules for different employees. See Employee Portal Features for more information.

The Employee Portal can have multiple sets of rules listed

After selecting the employee portal rule from the list, you will be able to set the following options on the Options I tab.
  • Drop Shift Reminder Message lets you customize the window an employee sees when the drop a shift. The default text is
    Remember, you are still responsible for this shift until it is picked up.
  • Disable Drop Shift Before Shift Starts prevents an employee from dropping a shift within so many hours of that shift.
  • Partial Shift Drop can force an employee to drop all of the shift if set to “yes”. If employees are allowed to drop a portion of their shift, you need to set these additional items.
    • Minimum Shift Length determines how much of the original shift the employee must retain.
    • Drop Shift Lengh sets the interval, in minutes, at which the employee can drop. For instance, setting this to “30” means the employee must drop in half hour increments.
  • Pickup Shift Overtime Rule will determine which employees are eligible to pickup a shift. With No Rule selected, all employees eligible to work that shift will receive a notification and have an opportunity to pick up the shift. Note, the manager will still see an employees revised weekly total when choosing to approve the pick up. With No Overtime or No Over Max Hours selected, employees that will exceed either of those thresholds will not have an opportunity to pick up the shift.
Once these parameters are set, you can click the Save button to apply the changes.
For information on how Shift Drops and Pickup are managed, see Dropping and Picking Up a Shift as well as Approving a Shift Pickup.

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